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Is it a crime to bring marijuana into Texas?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Federal Crimes

If you don’t already know, it is a crime to possess marijuana in Texas. The state has not approved recreational marijuana use, despite the fact that many other states across the country are doing so. You cannot buy it at dispensaries or grow it yourself.

However, because the laws are changing in other states, you may consider going to one of those states so that you can make a legal purchase. For instance, some people start looking into how long it would take them to drive to Colorado. Their goal is simply to make legal purchases of marijuana products when they’re in another state, where that can be done, and then they will drive back to Texas with those products. 

Is this a crime, or is it a clever way to circumvent the law?

It is actually a federal crime

What’s interesting when people decide that they want to do this is that it may actually go beyond being a state crime. Yes, it would be a state-level offense to have marijuana in Texas, regardless of where you bought it. Buying it in Colorado or another state doesn’t make a difference if you’re being charged with possession in Texas.

But, moreover, crossing state lines with marijuana in your possession makes it a potential federal crime. No matter how many states legalize marijuana, the federal government still hasn’t done so. If you’re crossing borders, then the crime could become part of their jurisdiction. This can make it far more serious than many people realize when they decide to plan a road trip.

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